Have A Break, Have A Leather Journal

Writing down what’s in your mind in a leather journal can improve your physical and mental health. You can do this even for a few minutes during your lunch break at school or work. While looking at a blank page and deciding to fill it with life details can seem daunting, keeping a journal provides many benefits. The best thing about journaling is that you can freely express your thoughts without worrying about grammatical errors or the inability to collect your thoughts. Did you know that you can use the method called bullet journal? The point here is that you take charge of your journal, which means you have control over what you wish to write and how you write it.

Here’s why you should write in your journal during your breaks:

De-Clutter Your Thoughts

Whether you are a student or a professional, you have your fair share of daily stress. Stress is inevitable and can mess up your thoughts by the time your day is halfway over. By spending a few minutes writing down what’s stressing you all day, you can de-clutter your thoughts when you see yourself in an unpleasant situation. After you write down your thoughts down, you can just come back and reflect on them later.

Set Goals to Improve Your Mental Health

Setting a goal provides you with a vision of a future you wish to have for yourself. It helps you stay on track, so you can realize this vision. However, summoning the much-needed motivation to improve your mental health is not easy. But, writing it down gives you the option to step back a little, so you can have the perspective you need. You will end up having a page that lists your goals and blank pages to reflect and comment on your progress. Use a few minutes of your lunch break to note major thoughts you might forget. What you write in your journal will constantly remind you of your mental health goals.

Remember Important Details

Hand-writing notes in a leather journal benefits students and employees. It helps you remember more important points than just trying to keep random information in mind. Many thoughts will run through your brains every day. Spending a bit of time over your break taking quick, short notes will help you remember important information later when you have time to process it. Also, hand-writing helps you retain much of your feelings when you wrote those notes.

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