Choose a cute shift dress that complements your body type perfectly

Right from high profile socialites, celebrities to a regular class, women from all walks of life love wearing cute shift dressesYou need to know that shift dresses are one of the versatile styles that suit every occasion and mood flawlessly.

A shift dress is often considered a casual and comfy dress because it hangs loosely from the shoulder, falls straight down, and is more spacious at the hips. If you are looking for a women’s outfit that offers you comfort and an elegant look at the same time.

However, to look pretty in the shift dress, you must choose it according to your body type.

Shift dress for pear-shaped body 

Women with pear-shaped body types generally have broad lower parts along with bigger thighs and wide hips. On the other hand, the upper body is smaller with narrow shoulders and small breasts.

You should wear a shift dress with an A-line cut along with flared bottom or empire waist that covers up the flaw areas perfectly. This will make you look slimmer and also grab the attention of onlookers.

Shift dress for an hourglass-shaped body 

Shift dress looks amazing on women with the hourglass-shaped body. Women with hourglass body types mainly have large busts along with a tiny waist. You should choose the dress that underlines your waistline and avoid preferring straight cuts and dresses designed from stiff fabric.

Shift dress for an apple-shaped body 

One of the major drawbacks of an apple-shaped body type is the tummy area. Always go for shift dresses that are loose and hide your tummy easily. Strictly avoid wearing body-hugging shift dresses and go for a flared dress to attain an appealing look.

Shift dress for inverted triangle shaped body 

Women with inverted triangle-shaped bodies mainly have broad shoulders and large busts along with a narrow bottom half. Go for A-line cut dress with flared bottom because this gives you wide hips just like your shoulders and ensures a well-proportioned figure.

It is also important for you to choose a shift dress that does not has chest pockets or much detailing like ruffles on the upper part of the dress. However, you can pick the dress that has a little bit of work or detailing in the bottom half.

Shift dress for column-shaped body                          

In the fashion world, column-shaped body type is one of the most desirable body shapes. You will notice that most models have this kind of body type due to which all types of dresses look great on them.

Women with this body type do not have any kind of curves and this is the reason you should pick the shift dress to add curves to your figure flawlessly.

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