Buying The Best Electric Trikes For Adults & Seniors

Looking at its speed, comfort, convenience, and ease of use, Electric Trikes are gaining huge popularity among adults and seniors. There are many benefits offered by the electric trikes, which includes their cost-effectiveness, electric operation, ec0-friendly way to transport, encourage many people to select electric bikes over the traditional tricycles. In today’s article, we are going discuss the best features that electric trike must have and things you have to consider when selecting one.

Why choose an electric trike for adults and seniors?

The electric trikes are a kind of bike that has 3 wheels and comes equipped with the electric motor, called as pedal support. The traditional bike or tricycle has got 2 parallel wheels at its back, but these also can be mounted at front. One can choose the pedal support from various levels. It will help an adult or senior who cannot cycle too far without proper support.

Speed and Range

Electric tricycles generally run off the powerful rechargeable battery, however total run-time differs from one brand to another. On an average, the electric trike must have the range of 20 – 30 miles for every charge; however those with the auxiliary pedals may go longer. Top speed of the electric trike is variable, with the sportier brands that reach nearly 30mph under right conditions. The adult riders with the limited mobility and balance issues have to be well-prepared for the sudden accelerations. Speed is generally controlled by the manual throttle all along with the hand brake.

Have Wider Footprint

Remember that the electric tricycle takes more area than the bicycle. The good point to remember is that its rear wheels are generally a bit wider than the shoulders. This means you must have an eye for any obstacles over the wider area. An area directly ahead can be clear but the pothole a bit either side can be where your rear wheels are. So, you need to be careful in that front. Unlike a normal bicycle you cannot maneuver over the obstacles as fast so continue riding with proper caution every time.


Majority of the high-end electric tricycles have got LCD screen displays attached that provide handy information that includes distance covered, battery usage, speed, range, and battery life to the user. It is very beneficial to monitor mileage that you have left, however it is not something very important though. This may depend completely on your preference.

Storage Area

The recreational electric tricycles do not include much in a way of storage; however most of the upright brands have got customized storage units and baskets. It makes shopping easy and convenient for the rider. Users who are planning to carry supplies to the destination or getting back items from the store must look for the electric tricycles that have good storage capacity.

Final Words

Besides this, make sure you compare the rates of the electric trikes online that helps you to choose the right item without being deceived.

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