10 Things You Must Have In Your Gym Bag!

Regardless of what your fitness routine is like, you need to have a stocked-up gym bag with the right products and accessories. Of course, you need the basics like a set of clothes for change and a pair of good shoes, but there are also other things to buy. If you check websites like Framing and Foundation, you will find a wide range of options, but for your help, we have enlisted 10 things you must get right away.

  • BPA-free water bottle/shaker. Many athletes and gym enthusiasts like to carry their shake and protein powder to the workout session, and for that, you definitely need a shaker. Go for a BPA-free water bottle that can be used for having protein mix too.
  • Quick drying towels. No matter whether you are doing yoga or something like HIIT, you definitely need a quick-drying towel. These are microfiber towels that dry quickly and are best suited for gyms.
  • A pair of extra socks. This one is a no-brainer. You definitely need a pair of extra socks for the gym, because no one likes sweaty legs. On the treadmill, or whenever you have your shoes on, this could be a major issue, so ensure that you have at least one extra pair.

  • Hand gripper/strengthener. Strengtheners are easy to carry around and can help you strengthen your grip easily. Make sure that you buy one that’s designed to offer the maximum comfort to your palm with rubber pads.
  • A waist support belt. If you are into deadlifts or heavy lifting, you may want to consider a waist support belt. There are all kinds of waist support belts, but get one that’s designed for your gender and is adjustable. You can check sites such as Framing & Foundation for ideas.
  • Yoga & resistance bands. You may want to try a few resistance bands for your training, and these are easy to carry. Find simple bands that can be used for arm and leg exercises, while yoga bands are particularly good for certain poses.
  • Protein bars. Sometimes, you are just hungry, or you may need that extra dose of energy while working out, and that’s where protein bars come in handy. There are varied kinds of protein bars you can choose, based on your fitness regime and diet.
  • A fitness band on the go. This is not exactly something you will keep in your bag, but consider buying one for your fitness routine. Fitness bands not expensive anymore, and you can find a wide range of choices, depending on the features you want.

  • Hand sanitizer. Gym equipment is used by hundreds of users each day, and you will have to ensure that your hands are clean at all times. Always keep a hand sanitizer handy in your gym bag, and buy alcohol-based ones.
  • A pair of gloves. For lifting purposes, you also need a pair of gym gloves, and these are really cheap and easy to carry around. Just get the size that fits your hands.

Stock your gym bag today!

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